Rosemarie Fiore: Smoke and Fire

Finding a new and interesting way to create art can be difficult sometimes, especially when there are so many new artists producing new art everyday. Rosemarie Fiore has discovered an interesting and sometimes dangerous way of creating her art.

Born in New York, Rosemarie Fiore lives and works from her studio in the Bronx, NY. Her process for creating her painting and other forms of artworks by converting different technologies such as lawn mowers, cars, Waffle irons, floor polishers, pin ball machines and her more famously known technology is fireworks. To create amazing and beautiful firework paintings.

Her firework drawings usually consist of multiple fireworks being set off in an controlled environment on a canvas creating these different circle patterns with multiple colours and lines.


The larger picture below is one Fiore’s scrambler drawings created by her ‘Good-time mix machine’ that you can see is an old amusement park ride that is creating the different patterns on the sheet underneath it.

The picture above is another one of Fiore’s scrambler drawings.

Rosemarie Fiore has inspired myself to attempt the art of fireworks with friends on our side walk…but was unlucky with the outcome so for now will leave it to the professional artist.

Rosemarie Fiore’s art exhibits have travelled all around the states and also in Europe. She has been given countless awards for her work and been reviewed from the New York Times to the Washington Post.



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